Coco Taxis by City

Seeing Havana while riding a Cocotaxi can be a fascinating and fun experience, especially if you’re on vacation and looking to try different sensations. Undoubtedly an attraction that is worth trying, at least once in your life. This transport in Havana is a great option to have panoramic views of the city while you travel wherever you want.

In Havana, you can find them gathered near the Central Park (Parque Central), El Capitolio, facing Hotel Inglaterra and also in Avenida del Puerto, in front of El Gran Mercado de Arte Cubano. In Vedado area, they can usually be found in L street, in front of Habana Libre hotel, in G street in front of Presidente Hotel and in the corner of 21 and 0, in front of Hotel Nacional. 

The costs are variable, from 0.5 CUC to 2 CUC per km for transfers. For city tours, prices are around 20 CUC per hour.


The coco taxis in Varadero are very easy to access. They are usually located near the Central Park or in the hotels’ area. If you stay in a hotel, you only have to talk to the doorman, and he will kindly order you one in less than 5 minutes. You can travel in these artifacts if you want to move from and to the center of Varadero, go to some beach off the beaten track, look for a cabaret, or merely to enjoy Cuba, its streets, and its people. The prices are very variable, so you should arrange it with the driver beforehand.

For those who travel to Trinidad, the most popular destination to go to ride a coco taxi is Ancon beach, located about 12 km from the city. It is also very common for many to take the coco-taxi and share the price between two and three people for a cost of 5 or 6 CUC. In this way, tourists travel faster and in a more personal way than by using the bus which has scheduled departures. Besides, the coco taxi is usually cheaper than cars or official taxis, since the latter charge between 8 and 12 CUC for this same type of journey.

Coco Taxi in Ancon Beach, Trinidad