Coco Taxi Services


The coco taxis in Cuba provides shuttle service only for short distances. In other words, they only make routes within the limits of the city. Mainly, they can be seen moving inside the historical city because it is the place where there is a greater number of tourists. They can also make trips to the main attractions in the city limits. This service is very easy to request. You just have to specify your destination and agree with the drivers the most convenient rate. The normal is 1 CUC for each km of route, although it can be somewhat more expensive depending on the place of departure and destination.

City Tour

This is the specialty most used by all travelers. Many travelers are attracted to request this type of service with them. The usual thing is to look for them in the places where they are waiting in groups. Then agree with the drivers, the route you want and the total cost. Always your drivers will have suggestions with the most usual and other attractive corners that many do not know. Do not be afraid to listen to them! It is only recommended to pay attention to everything they propose because sometimes they can offer you more than what you really want. It is logical that they want to look for a longer route through the city because it depends on what they will win;) Yes, the interesting and fun of the trip is guaranteed. They will take care of giving you the special touch with their phrases and their stories very Cuban.

Full Day Service

Having transport available exclusively to oneself is something that everyone likes, especially when the conditions and the cost of the vehicle meet our expectations. It is important to consider the number of activities planned for the day before hiring this service. Almost always the idea is to make the most of the day when you have to go to many nearby places.

If you want to add a fun and fresh touch to our day, hire the full-time coco taxi service in Havana, Varadero or Trinidad. With the coco taxis, the tourist can spend a very hectic day, enjoying everything around in a very funny and attractive way. This service is done for about 8 or 10 hours during the day, mostly during daytime hours. The usual price is between 40 and 50 CUC per day. It is recommended to keep the driver’s contact, to call in another occasion.