We have compiled all information about Coco Taxis in this page, starting with Services provided and a description by Cities.


Regular Coco Taxi

We like the tropics, the friendly vegetation of the humid, the heat and the sea air that comes from the Malecón in Havana. For that reason, we prefer a coco taxi instead of the modern Peugeots with air conditioning. We would not even trade it for the black Mercedez which are parked at the door of the five stars hotels.

Coco taxi is one of the ways that tourists use to travel from one place to another in Havana and it usually cost cheaper than a common taxi. For example, it costs $4 CUC to go from the residential area of Vedado (where Coppelia ice cream shop and the fabulous National Hotel are) to Old Havana. 


Colonial Coco Taxi

Colonial Coco Taxi

Coco Taxis have been in circulation since 1998, they can only carry 2-3 passengers and have a “carapace” which is actually half a yellow carapace, and is supposed to resemble a coconut. However, there is a variant of the coconut that is called colonial coco-taxi and looks a lot like the rickshaws of India. They’re more comfortable than the regular coco taxis and can carry up to 3 passengers too.


Bici Taxi

The poor relative of the cocotaxi is called bici-taxi (taxi bike), a bicycle that can carry two passengers but does not use an engine, but human traction.  A few years ago, they became fashionable in London’s Soho, but much more expensive.  In Havana is used mostly by Cubans, but not exclusively. Heavy people should probably avoid bici-taxi and try Coco Taxis instead. They’re more fun anyway!