Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers! Our site offers an array of Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) in response to inquiries about Coco Taxis, no matter if they have already been answered elsewhere in the website. Bookmark this page for future reference and watch for updates.

Is it a good idea to ride a Coco Taxi?

We’ve compiled a few pros and cons so that you can decide for yourself.


  • Coco Taxis usually cost less than a regular taxi, although sometimes they can be more expensive. Is it because of the experience? Who knows?
  • You will enjoy a tour better, and you will do it more graphically.
  • They are great for that photo you want to share with your friends.
  • The drivers are mostly friendly and will look for any reason to start a good conversation.


  • Each Coco Taxi can only carry 2-3 passengers. Therefore, if you travel with your family, you will very likely have to rent two or more coconut taxis.
  • Since part of the vehicle is exposed, if it rains or it is very windy it can be uncomfortable.
  • They are usually a bit noisy and are less comfortable than regular taxis.
  • In the event of an accident, you would be more likely to be injured than the driver who wears a helmet.


What’s the proper way to catch a Coco Taxi?

To take a coconut taxi in Cuba you can do it with the traditional hand extended on the street, always when you see that they are empty, or going to the recognized points where they are concentrated. For example, in Old Havana you can find them by the Central Park and in the Vedado by the National Hotels, Habana Libre and El Capri. In the area of Varadero you can see them located by the Central Park, and in Trinidad you will find them in the middle of the historical center.


How much do Coco taxis cost?

When it comes to costs to pay for the service of the coconut taxis, you must negotiate with the driver beforehand. A regular rate they use is 1 CUC for each km of the trip. Although it can be double, at 2 CUC per km, depending on the place of departure and destination. Another form of payment is for the case that they wish it during almost all the day to its disposition. In this variant it is normal to pay between 40 and 50 CUC, depending on the hours they need.


Are there Coco Taxi for Tourists and Cubans?

Blue Coco Taxi

The Coco-Taxi for tourists is painted with an intense yellow color, which makes it easily visible. It can only carry three passengers: the driver with his helmet goes in the front and the back, up to three travelers.

The success of the CocoTaxi has made it possible for it to be used for the public transportation of Cubans. Coco Taxis for public transport use the same vehicles but painted in a dark blue color. The price a Cuban people pays is lower than the price a tourist pays. However, they are already disappearing and there are currently just a few left.

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