Coco Taxi Cuba

There are plenty of cars in Havana but the Coco Taxi is truly Unique. Check out all you need to know about Coco Taxi Cuba and enjoy this dangerous but adventurous experience.



  • It’s called a Coco Taxi because it resembles a Coconut
  • It’s essentially a scooter (Piaggio brand) with a Cuban-made Fiberglass shell and seats welded onto it.
  • Average Cruising Speed 30 MPH (50 kms per hour)
  • It’s Gas-powered
  • There are two types: Yellow Coco Taxis for Tourists Only and Blue Coco taxis for Locals

Walking is the most fitting way to get to know a destination in depth without missing any detail. Although, of course, doing it on public transport is another good option. In Cuba, the Coco Taxi is a fun and picturesque choice to explore the country. These original vehicles can be seen in the main cities driving around tourists. Visitors love these types of tours where the breeze touches the skin and they feel closer to the reality.


What is a Coco Taxi?

Coco Taxi in Havana

The coconut taxi owes its name to its peculiar shape which, they say, resembles the fruit of the coconut tree. Despite that, there are some models of Coco Taxi that have a slightly longer shape. In reality, it is a tricycle with a unique egg-shaped chassis that allows the traveler to move comfortably and amusingly through the streets of the main Cuban cities.

The use of the coconut taxi from Cuba began in Havana at the end of the 90’s. It was initially thought of as another way of transporting tourists. Tourists were offered routes through the city, and it was easier to move them from one tourist attraction to the other. Its success was total, although initially it could only be used for tourist purposes.


Why ride you should ride Coco Taxis?

Taking a coco taxi in Cuba is a fun way to get to know the corners of the main cities of the Island. Many like to see the architecture and the walk of Cubans with the air caressing their faces. The picturesque color and shape of this transport is an attraction more to keep a funny memory of your trip with a photo or video. Another of its virtues is that you feel very comfortable with your drivers for the joy and knowledge of the most diverse secrets that they transmit to you.


Where to ride Coco Taxis in Cuba?

The coco-taxis are mainly found in the cities of Havana, Varadero and Trinidad. You can take one from your hotel to the center of the town or see them in tourist areas. In Havana you can see them in Vedado and Old Havana while in Varadero and Trinidad, they are located in the center of the town and are very popular with tourists. Some have been spotted in Cienfuegos as well.

Check out more info about Coco Taxis by City.

Locations of Coco Taxi Cuba


In one way or another, the Coco Taxis of Cuba are undoubtedly one of the most original taxi services in the world. Do not miss the opportunity to ride, at least once, in one of these curious vehicles. It will be one of the most pleasant memories of your trip to Cuba.

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